Authentic teak furniture is the standard of outdoor furniture that all other woods and materials are compared. Many homeowners scramble to cover, store, and/or weatherproof aluminum, metal or other type of wood outdoor furniture when bad weather approaches. This is a dilemma that owners of teak furniture do not need to fret about because teak wood can be exposed to the all elements. It is wise to be leery of claims of ”teak-like” furniture. Oftentimes, this furniture is made of other woods that are not as durable as teak, such as; Nyatoah, Shorea wood, or Eucalyptus wood. These are Class 3 woods that are non-durable, susceptible to termite and other insect attacks, and need to be treated regularly with teak or linseed oil if used outdoors. Other Class 3 woods include American Walnut, Red Cedar, Japanese Oak, and African Mohagany. Teak wood is rated as a Class 1 wood meaning it is resistant to weather, insects, warping and is extremely durable.

Some manufacturers will treat furniture made of other woods and materials with teak oil. These manufacturers imply their furniture is actually teak and/or is just as durable, dependable and resistant to insects and harsh elements as genuine teak furniture is. These claims are false; while the oil does aid in adding some resistance and durability to other woods, the oil needs to be re-applied often. Furniture constructed with teak wood is able to withstand the elements for a century or more.

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