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There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing teak furniture to help guarantee it will last a lifetime. First, verify that the furniture is constructed of 100% Class 1 teak wood, not from inferior woods such as Shorea, Eucalpytus, Nyatoah etc. that do not provide the longevity and dependability of authentic teak. Second, it is recommended that furniture be purchased from manufacturer's who use only plantation grown teak, which is reforested and government regulated. Third, the presence of knots, often covered by heavy oiling, is indicative of inferior, young teak wood and will not be as durable as fully matured teak. Fourth, make sure the construction is completed utilizing proper materials; solid brass or stainless steel fittings, solid pieces of wood (without fingerjointing) and heavy weight teak for thick composition. Some retailers offer a lighter construction of teak furniture at a reduced cost, but this type of construction does not offer the longevity and reliability of heavier constructions. Finally, but perhaps most crucial, prior to construction, teak wood must be kiln dried, not air or sun dried, precisely to an optimal moisture content of 8 - 10%. This allows the furniture to dry to the core and eliminates or reduces cracking, splitting, and warping for decades.

It is imperative to not fall victim to “teak-like” offers and scams or succumb to lower priced, but lower quality furniture without first following these few key considerations; which will assure that your investment brings you beauty and functionality for generations to come.

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